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18 thoughts on “Database : Introduction of Database Discussion 5

  • karim

    To store a big volume of information and retrieve ,update and delete the information software needs database.

  • Essa

    database is an organized collection of data where you can file large amount of information. There are other ways to organize data such as Excel but its very limited with as far as different format. such graphs and audio recordings etc.

  • nabeel

    To store large volume of data in an organized form, which also allows them to retrieve, update,Insert and delete data.

  • nasir

    Database is used to store information on employee in an organization, student in a college or a passenger in flight reservation system. In today’s world, millions of users use all sort of social media and other web based applications. All these applications need to store huge and unmanageable information in an organized system where it can be easily tracked, updated, added or deleted and time efficient. That’s why database is needed.

  • Serge Izgorodin

    There are many reasons that a company needs to use Database. First, in order to store and manage huge amounts of data we need database. Let’s say Excel is not compatible for it because the number of records we can store is limited. Second, multiple teams can access database at the same time, so it’s very convenient and fast. RDBMS can simplify operations of updating, retrieval and more. Database queries provide fast access to records in tables.

  • Palwinder

    A database application is a computer program whose primary purpose is entering and retrieving information from a computerized database

  • akosua serwaa oteng

    To store huge information in companies, the information can be updated and retrieved at anytime.

  • collins

    basebse is needed with software application in order to store huge infromation and that be updated added or deleted at anytime

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    It is the most efficient way to store a large amount of information while updating and manipulating it.
    – Tomiwa

  • nasreen

    it is easy way to store a large volume of info where you can update and manipulate and retreve any time

  • sivi ramesh

    A database is simply a collection of data that is organized to make it easy to access.Databases allow businesses to quickly and easily gather, input, sort and examine data and have access to accurate information

  • bruno

    A database needed a software whose primary purposes is entering and retrieving information from a computerized database.

  • smriti

    Software applications needs database because they have a lot of information which need to be stored. If it is not stored in a structures manner, it will be very difficult to search,retrieve, update, delete and manage all the stored data. For example: Microsoft outlook has humongous data and it needs to be stored somewhere so it can be manageable. If they use spreadsheets to store all the data, it will be inefficient as they will have to spend a lot of time searching for the data. Whereas if the same data is stored in a database, it will be very efficient and less time consuming and highly structured.

  • krishna shrestha

    software application needs database because to store the huge information and all information to do copy, delete, update, retrieve too .

  • Subhashini Vaddey

    Every Software application needs to have database because of the tremendous data that cannot be remember ed by the Human being and Needs to store the data in side the database. The database is use full in may ways to retrieve data , store data, create tables, adding primary keys.

  • Bindu

    Every Application needs some data, which can be collected and stored and processed through the User Interface of the application.

    Hence, a database is needed to store and retrieve the data being processed through the software application.

  • Seema perveez

    Databases are needed for software applications, in order to store, retrieve, and update the large amounts of data (ie. millions of users) which is generated from the use of these various software applications.

  • andrew

    In order store the dat you need the software which will than allow you to stored, retrived and update

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