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13 thoughts on “Database : Introduction of Database Discussion 11

  • karim

    Back-end testing is the testing integration between application and the the database. It is checking the changes made in the database.

  • Essa

    Backend testing is the verification of what exactly was entered and saved properly through your database. In HRM the we should be able to drop down on certain sections but not able to.

  • nabeel

    Testing that ensures the data enter at front end matches the data base is called backend testing.
    In HRM there was the section where user enters his/her personal info.
    In order to makes sure that it is being stored properly and in the exact way user is entering we performed back end testing.

  • nasir

    Backend testing is to check whether the data displayed in the frontend matches with the particular data in the backend.
    In the project of flight reservation system where passenger wants to book a flight. Passenger entered his personal information such as first name, last name, date of birth, travel class, travel from, travel to and travel date. Once hit submit, this information goes to database for processing. After it is processed, it appears on the screen with reservation details.
    By running my sql query should match this passenger’s all entered information.

  • ranjan

    Back end Testing means ensuring that,
    If you enter data in the front end ,the data should
    be stored properly in the back end.

  • ranjan

    Back end Testing means ensuring that,
    If you enter data in the front end ,the data should
    be stored properly in the back end.
    all the informatin displayed in the user interface of hrm applicatin, if we as a tester want to verify it in the database itself using sql queries, that is called backend testing.

  • Palwinder

    Backend testing involves databases or any backend storage.It’s basically testing data while travelling from front to back end or in back end to back end only

  • collins

    the backend is where the information is stored the front end is where the information is entered

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    For FRS and HRM the back end testing was to make sure things like your updates would save. For example if you enter your data as a user then back end testing ensures that the data is stored into the database.
    – Tomiwa

  • bruno

    For HRM and FRS the back-end development usually takes ready front-end code and implements it into application where everything is displayed dynamically using data stored in a database.

  • krishna shrestha

    A fill up the detail information on the application for company registration or sign in then, send that goes to saved the table that called back-end . and if that information is save or not? on the table we can checked so that is backend testing .
    for example,HRM applicatio,
    first all, we goes to open the HRM application and fill up the all detail information then send . that information goes to save in table. that is backend

  • smriti

    Back end testing is done to check for data mapping consistency, data integrity, conformation to rules, data validation, data corruption and many other things.For example:In FRS, the user enters flight details and personal information to book a flight. After the information is submitted by the user, it is stored in the back end. When the server processes the stored information in the database, it is then sent back to the front end so that user can access the confirmation of flight booked. If the data stored in the data base is corrupted, the whole application will be faulty. It affects the front end part of the application as well.

  • Seema perveez

    Backend testing is when you enter data in the front end (browser),the data should
    be stored properly in the back end (database). If and when the stored information is requested, it should display correctly. With the HRM, employee information entered by employee should be correct when employee or HR Department retrieve any necessary information.

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