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13 thoughts on “Database : Introduction of Database Discussion 10

  • karim

    The easiest way to differentiate front-end and back-end is to say that web designers are more focused on the front-end (design, typography, colo, etc) and web programmers are more concerned about back-end,front-end is what you see, back-end is how it works.

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Most of the fields on the front web applications are stored in corresponding fields in tables in database

  • Essa

    They interact through a browser and server which interacts with the controller.

  • nasir

    When a website is accessed, the user is interacting with the front end. The website’s application then stores the information entered into the website in a database that was created on the server. A back-end server is a part of the back-end process. The back-end is where the technical processes happen as opposed to the front end which is where usually user’s interaction corresponds.

  • ranjan

    they interact by the programming language used like java,c++, .net etc.

  • Palwinder

    The main purpose of the front-end code is to interact with user, as well as … Everything that your eye sees on the web is the mix of HTML, CSS and JavaScripts. … The back-end development is a part of the application that is never

  • collins

    the front end in what you see when the code is brought to life and the back end is the where the code is written

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    The back end is done by the developers, coders and the front end is the final product that the user sees.
    – Tomiwa

  • sivi ramesh

    The front end faces the user, and the back end launches the programs of the operating system in response.

  • sivi ramesh

    When we enter some data in front end application and it is getting stored on some database then we have to test it whether it is storing correctly. We can do it by writing relevant SQL queries. This is called Backend testing. For ex: In FRS application,in front end you can book the ticket by giving the appropriate details. It will have a Data storage system (Database or XL sheet etc) which is a Back end for storing details entered by the user. After submitting the details, you might have provided with a correct acknowledgement. But in back end, the details might not updated correctly in Database because of wrong logic development. Then that will cause a major problem and regarding Unit level testing and System testing Unit level testing is for testing the basic checks whether the application is working fine with the basic requirements. This will be done by developers before delivering to the Quality Assurance (QA) team .You will be performing all the checks. Basically this will be carried out by tester.

  • bruno

    In simpler words, front – end code interacts with a user in real time while back-end code interacts with a server to return user ready results.

  • smriti

    The front end of database is the browser where the user enter their information (email and password). That information is then stored in the back end or the server. Server has application files which checks for the requests and processes it.The applications on the server connects to database through an application called database layer. After the server processes the user’s request, it is then sent back to the browser.

  • Seema perveez

    On the front end of a web application, user enters their information (username/password) into the Browser. This information is sent to a server. Here information passes through a Controller which checks the request. Information is then put through either (1)Registration Class-and information is extracted and returned to controller. The other path (2) is Business Logic Class (or Registration Action) which is connected to Database Layer which verify information entered is correct. If validated or not, a response is returned through the server back to the Browser.

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