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11 thoughts on “Database : Basics of Database Discussion 6

  • karim

    Referential integrity means that foreign key
    in any referencing table must always refer to a valid row in the referenced table, Referential integrity ensures that the relationship between two tables remain synchronized during updates and delete.

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Referential integrity is a relational database concept in which multiple tables share a relationship based on the data stored in the tables , and that relationship must remain consistent. Ex: IF a record is deleted from the master table, then corresponding record/records should be deleted from the details table..

  • Essa

    this is a relational database concept where multiple tables share data by use of foreign key
    Now, suppose we wanted to remove an employee because he no longer works at company X. Then, we would remove his entry in the Employee table. Because he also exists in the Employee Salary table.

  • nabeel

    It’s a Database concept that ensures the relationship between tables remain consistent. For example a student leaves an institution. Once is data is deleted from the main table it will get deleted from all the tables who have been connected with foreign key with his information.

  • nasir

    Referential integrity in a relational database is consistency between coupled tables. Referential integrity is usually enforced by the combination of a primary key and a foreign key. It’s a feature provided by relational database management systems (RDBMS’s) that prevents users or applications from entering inconsistent data. The deeper meaning is that of dependencies among objects. For example if employee record is deleted by deleting primary key, the data should also be deleted under foreign key.

  • collins

    referential integrity is used when more than one tables share data where you work at the product department and sales department

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    It maintains the relationship between tables by using primary and foreign keys, so if data is deleted from the main table then the same data is deleted from another table.
    – Tomiwa

  • bruno

    Referential integrity is a property of data which, when satisfied, requires every value of one attribute(column) of a relation (table) to exist as a value of another attribute in a different table.

  • sivi ramesh

    Referential integrity is a database concept that ensures that relationships between tables remain consistent. When one table has a foreign key to another table, the concept of referential integrity states that you may not add a record to the table that contains the foreign key unless there is a corresponding record in the linked table.

  • sivi ramesh

    Primary Key is a column which has a unique value for each of the row within that column. It can’t have NULL value.
    Primary key in one table is the foreign key in another table.For example, a table called ‘Customer’ has a primary key called Customer_id. Another table called “Order’ has a foreign key which references Customer_id in order to uniquely identify the relationship between both the tables

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