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9 thoughts on “Database : Basics of Database Discussion 3

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Database is a collection of schemas, tables, data ,metadata ,queries.
    And also the software that is used to create, store and manipulate the database

  • Essa

    Database is a collection of tables which includes rows columns constraints etc where all rows and columns are provided with data.

  • nabeel

    It consists of Schemas,Table which then has rows and columns constraint etc. It also consists of data, meta data, queries and software.

  • nasir

    Other than tables in database, it is used for scientific research which greatly reduces the workload needed to calculate statistical information. Database management system is a software tool that makes it possible to organize data in a database. DMBS consists of 3 elements;
    physical database: is the collection of files that contain the data.
    database engine: that makes it possible to access and modify the contents of the database.
    database scheme: the specification of the logical structure of the data stored in database.

  • ranjan

    A database is made up of multiple schemas and each containing multiple tables,index,procedures,constraints that contain data. These tables are related to one another by referential rules and relationships.

  • collins

    database is a collection of schema, data,meda data

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    Database is more than a collection of tables, it contains data, schema, queries in an organized fashion allowing you to manipulate it.
    – Tomiwa

  • bruno

    Database is a collection of tables, queries(languages), structure(schema), data in a manner to allow you to demonstrated.

  • krishna shrestha

    database is more than collection of table.

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