About the program

With this business analysis training, you will be able to write detailed use case descriptions using the include, extend and generalization relationships. You will also have the capability to speak certainly about relationship between use cases, misuse and security use cases in your business analyst interviews.

In this course, you will get a recap on major ideas of use case modelling before you learn advanced ideas in use case modelling. In overview of relationship between use cases, you will comprehend the requirement for utilizing relation between use cases, and get an outline on purpose of each relationship and about modelling them in use case diagrams.

You will learn to write detailed use case descriptions by using the include, extend and generalization relationships.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the need for using Relationships between Use Cases
  • Create use case diagrams using Relationships between Use Cases
  • Write detailed Use Case Descriptions using Include, Extend and Generalization Relationships.
  • Identify and mitigate security threats using Misuse Cases and Security Use Cases.

What is the target audience?

  • Suitable for Business Analysts experienced (or trained) in writing simple use case descriptions.
  • Suitable for Business Analysts who aspire to lead business analysis projects using use case modelling.
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Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to CBAP® Certification
    • Overview of certification process, requirements, and application tips
    • CBAP® Exam overview
    • 21 proven exam-taking tactics and tips to reduce anxiety and increase results
  2. BABOK®Framework
    • 7 Key Knowledge Areas
    • BABOK®  Terminology
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  3. Business Analysis Planning And Monitoring
    • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
    • Planning the Requirements Approach
    • Identifying and Analyzing Stakeholders
    • Deciding how Requirements will be Managed and Traced
    • Estimating BA Activities
    • Planning of BA Communications
    • Determining Requirements Metrics for Monitoring and Reporting
    • Techniques for Planning
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  4. Requirements Elicitation
    • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
    • Prepare for Elicitation
    • Conduct Elicitation Activity
    • Document Elicitation Results
    • Confirm Elicitation Results
    • Techniques for Elicitation
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  5. Requirements Management and Communication
    • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
    • Manage Solution Scope and Requirements
    • Manage Requirements Traceability
    • Maintain Requirements for Re-Use
    • Prepare RequirementsPackage
    • Communicate Requirements
    • Techniques for Requirements Management and Communication
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  6. Enterprise Analysis
    • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
    • Define Business Need
    • Assess Capability Gaps
    • Determine Solution Approach
    • Define Solution Scope
    • Define Business Case
    • Techniques for Enterprise Analysis
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  7. Requirements Analysis
    • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
    • Prioritize Requirements
    • Organize Requirements
    • Specify and Model Requirements
    • Define Assumptions and Constraints
    • Verify Requirements
    • Validate Requirements
    • Techniques for Analysis
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  8. Solution Assessment and Validation
    • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
    • Assess Proposed Solution
    • Allocate Requirements
    • Assess Organizational Readiness
    • Define Transition Requirements
    • Validate Solution
    • Evaluate Solution Performance
    • Techniques for Solution Assessment and Validation
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  9. Underlying Competencies
    • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Behavioral Characteristics
    • Business Knowledge
    • Communication Skills
    • Interaction Skills
    • Software Applications
    • Practice Exam Questions & Review
  10. Test-Taking Strategies
    • The exam process: what to expect
    • Study and test tips
    • Creating your own test prep strategy
    • Discuss simulated “take home” exam and online study exam strategies
    • Re-certification

Meet your mentor


  • 15 years of IT experience in software testing, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Experienced in leading and managing medium to large testing teams.
  • Have extensively trained participants in the areas of Software Testing Concepts, Quality Assurance, Quality Center, QTP, LoadRunner, Bugzilla, JIRA and Selenium.
  • Have global experience in multiple countries including US, UK, Switzerland and India.
  • Have implemented ISO 9001:2000 and contributed in the CMMi assessment.
  • Testing process owner at the organization I have worked.
  • Have mentored resources and helped set a career path and achieve testing certifications.

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Are classes @Infotek-Solutions conducted through online video streaming?

Yes, the classes @Infotek-Solutions are conducted through online video streaming where there is two-way communication between users and instructors. The users can speak by using a microphone, chat by sending a message through a chat window and share their screens with an instructor. For better understanding, users also get recorded video of the class.

What kind of learning does Infotek-Solutions provide?

@Infotek, we offer instructor-led online live sessions and classroom-based trainings for various courses to the learners.

Who are the instructors @Infotek-Solutions?

@Infotek-Solutions, we have an instructor community of industry professionals who are working in leading organizations and are veterans in their respective fields. These experts belong to various industries and are willing to share their talent with learners like you
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