About the program

You will be able to identify what to automate and how to automate using UFT. You will be able to modify record and play scripts, set different checkpoints. You will also able to apply Data Driven, Keyword Driven frameworks. You will be able to use Database and Excel for data repository. You will be able to write your VBScript to solve complex testing scenarios.

In this course, you will learn about the following:

  • What is UFT/ QTP
  • Basics of UFT/ QTP
  • UFT Installation
  • Object Repository, local and Shared Repository
  • Basic Test Cases of UFT
  • Checkpoints
  • Parameterization, Data Driven
  • Synchronisation, Test Batch Runner and Transaction
  • Actions in UFT
  • Frameworks
  • Interview Questions, Assignments and Quizzes

Please check the curriculum for more information..

Audience and Requirements:

QA, BA, Project Lead, Manager and anyone who is interested to use UFT for automation

Needs prior knowledge about software testing; Look  “Fundamentals of Software Testing” from our portal.

Training Highlights:

  • Mentorship will be available through training and after training
  • You will practice on interview questions starting from day one
  • You will be working on three big projects and experience yourself
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Course curriculum

  1. UFT Overview and Installation
    1. What is UFT/ QTP?
    2. Why UFT/ QTP?
    3. Advantages of UFT.
    4. UFT Installation.
  2. Recording setting, Object repository
    1. Recording Mode in UFT
    2. Run and Record Setting in UFT
    3. Object Repository in UFT
    4. View in UFT
  3. First Test case with recording
    1. Record a script with desktop sample application
    2. Record a script with web sample application
  4. Checkpoints
    1. What is checkpoint?
    2. How to use in UFT?
    3. Understand different  types of checkpoints in UFT
      1. Standard checkpoint
      2. Text checkpoint
      3. Database checkpoint
      4. Bitmap checkpoint
      5. And more on checkpoints
    4. Checkpointing on desktop and web based applications.
  5. VB-Scripting for UFT
    1. Defining Variables
    2. Using Operators
    3. Using Conditions
    4. Using Loops
    5. Using Functions
  6. Database, XML & synchronization
    1. Open order in sample desktop application
    2. Read data from MySQL database and pass into recorded script
    3. Read data from XML file and pass into recorded script
    4. Synchronization in UFT
  7. Parameterization
    1. Parameterization in UFT and its usage
    2. UFT Data-tables for parameterization
    3. parameterization with desktop based application
    4. parameterization with web based application
  8. Transactions in UFT
    1. What is transaction in UFT? What is the purpose of transaction in UFT?
    2. Create Transaction with sample desktop application at the recording time.
    3. Add Transactions to sample desktop application recorded script.
    4. Create Transaction with sample web application at the recording time.
    5. Add Transactions to sample web application recorded script.
  9. Actions in UFT
    1. What are actions in UFT?
    2. What are reusable actions and non-reusable actions in UFT?
    3. Test scripts with reusable actions.
    4. Test scripts with non-reusable action and add Environment variable(parameterization with three actions).
  10. Recovery Scenario in UFT
  11. Keyword Driven Framework in UFT
  12. Data Driven Framework in UFT
  13. Mobile Testing in UFT
  14. API Testing in UFT
  15. Other Paid Stuffs
    1. Forums
    2. Quizzes and Test
    3. Assignments


Scenario 1: Can you write a test script that could automate a complete business process, includes  login, search and book a flight and logout at “http://newtours.demoaut.com/”?

Scenario 2: Can you automate test login functionality that reads different credentials from Excel?

Scenario 3: Can you automate test login functionality that reads different credentials from Database?

Scenario 4: Can you develop a keyword driven framework that can used to test anything you like in “http://newtours.demoaut.com/”

Meet your mentor

About Trainer Jay:

  • 15 years of IT experience in software testing, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Experienced in leading and managing medium to large testing teams.
  • Have extensively trained participants in the areas of Software Testing Concepts, Quality Assurance, Quality Center, QTP, LoadRunner, Bugzilla, JIRA and Selenium.
  • Testing process owner at the organization I have worked.
  • Have mentored resources and helped set a career path and achieve testing certifications.