About the program

This course will help you to master MongoDB. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand MongoDB architecture
  • Manipulate resource and collections
  • Query MongoDB using NoSQL
  • Manipulating with arrays, and indexing
  • Securining MongoDB
  • Integrating MongoDB with Other technologies like Java
  • Use MongoDB for MapReduce/Hadoop/Hive
  • Run CRUD for RESTful


Database Professionals, testers, Managers, Software Developers or a fresh graduate interested in learning the known NoSQL database.

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Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to MongoDB
    1. The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
    2. MongoDB vs RDBMS terminologies
    3. Mongo's featureset
    4. Introduction to JSON
  2. Database Server and Clients:
    1. Mongod: is server similar to Mysqld/Oracle
    2. Mongo: is client of similar to mysql/sqlplus
  3. MongoDB installation
    1. Installation
    2. Configuration
    3. Connecting to database
  4. Documents and Collections
    1. Creating and deleting documents
    2. Managing documents in collections
    3. Iterating over documents
  5. Model Relationships between Documents:
    1. One-to-One
    2. One-to-Many
  6. MongoDB CRUD operation: RESTful api
    1. Create Operations
    2. Read Operations
    3. Update Operations
    4. Delete Operations
    5. Bulk Write
  7. Simple Queries
    1. Field equality tests
    2. Operators available
    3. Projections
    4. Limiting results and paging
    5. Field insertions and removal
    6. Field updates
    7. Document deletion
    8. Existential field values
    9. Aggregations and groups
    10. Aggregations and groups in hierarchical data
  8. MongoDB Array manipulation
    1. Insertion to array fields
    2. Altering array field elements
    3. Removing from array fields
  9. MongoDB indexing
    1. The primary index and the _id field
    2. Problems requiring an index
    3. Defining secondary indexes
    4. Compound indexes
    5. Index selection
    6. Index hints
    7. Covering indexes
    8. Index storage size
    9. Indexes effect insertion and update speeds
  10. MongoDB for MapReduce and ETL
    1. MapReduce Basics
    2. Mapping documents
    3. Reducing values
  11. MongoDB Security
    1. Authorization and securing collections
    2. Mongo's authorization scheme limitations
    3. Authentication
    4. Mongo in the enterprise
  12. Mongo Replication and Sharding
    1. Configuring replication
    2. Configuring sharding
    3. Accessing clustered data from client APIs
    4. Latency and consistency in replicated and sharded Mongo
  13. MongoDB Integration with other technologies
    1. With Jaspersoft
    2. With Pentaho
    3. With Hadoop/Hive
    4. With Java
    5. With GUI Tool Robomongo

Meet your mentor

About Trainer Rahul:

  • 7 years of IT experience in software testing, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Experienced in leading and managing medium to large testing teams.
  • Have extensively trained participants in the areas of Software Testing Concepts, Quality Assurance, Quality Center, QTP, LoadRunner, Bugzilla, JIRA and Selenium.
  • Testing process owner at the organization I have worked.
  • Have mentored resources and helped set a career path and achieve testing certifications.