Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions Outline

Introduction to Self-Service Business Intelligence

  • Extending Enterprise BI
  • Microsoft Self-Service BI and Big Data Technologies
  • Viewing Reports
  • Analyzing Data in a Data Model
  • Analyzing Data from Multiple Sources
  • Describe ways in which an enterprise BI solution can be extended.
  • Identify Microsoft technologies for self-service BI and Big Data analysis.

Self-Service Reporting

  • Introduction to Self-Service Reporting
  • Shared Data Sources and Datasets
  • Report Parts
  • Using Report Builder
  • Simplifying Data Access for Business Users
  • Using Report Parts
  • Support self-service reporting with Report Builder.
  • Create shared data sources and datasets for self-service reporting scenarios.
  • Use report parts as reusable report elements.

Self-Service Data Modeling with PowerPivot

  • Creating Data Models in Excel with PowerPivot
  • Using DAX in a PowerPivot Data Model
  • Creating a Data Model with PowerPivot
  • Enhancing a Data Model
  • Extending a Data Model
  • Use PowerPivot to create tabular data models in Excel.
  • Enhance data models with custom DAX expressions.

Importing Data with Power Query

  • Introduction to Power Query
  • Using Power Query to Import Data
  • Importing data with Power Query
  • Merging Queries
  • Adding a Query to a Data Model
  • Enable Power Query and use it to search for data online
  • Use Power Query to import data from multiple data sources into an Excel data model

Visualizing Data with Power View in Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction to Power View
  • Creating Dynamic Data Visualizations
  • Using Power View
  • Describe the features of Power View
  • Use Power View to create interactive data visualizations in Excel

Visualizing Geographic Data with Power Map

  • Introduction to Power Map
  • Using Power Map
  • Creating a Power Map Tour
  • Visualizing Data Over Time
  • Describe the features and usage scenarios of Power Map
  • Use Power Map to create visualizations of geographic data

Collaborative BI with Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • Sharing PowerPivot Workbooks
  • Managing PowerPivot Services in SharePoint Server
  • Using Power View in SharePoint Server
  • Sharing a PowerPivot Workbook
  • Managing PowerPivot Data Refresh
  • Using Power View in SharePoint Server
  • Share a PowerPivot workbooks in SharePoint Server
  • Manage PowerPivot services in SharePoint Server
  • Use Power View to create interactive data visualizations in SharePoint Server

Introduction to Big Data and Microsoft Azure HDInsight

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Windows Azure HDInsight
  • Provisioning a Windows Azure HDInsight Cluster
  • Processing Data with HDInsight
  • Analyzing Big Data in Microsoft Excel
  • Describe key features of Big Data.
  • Use Windows Azure HDInsight to process Map/Reduce jobs

Processing Big Data with Pig and Hive

  • Processing Big Data with Pig
  • Processing Big Data with Hive
  • Use Pig to process Big Data
  • Use Hive to process Big Data

Implementing Big Data Processing Solutions with Microsoft Azure HDInsight

  • Automating Big Data Processing Tasks
  • Integrating Windows Azure HDInsight with Enterprise Data
  • Using HCatalog to Abstract Storage Locations
  • Using Oozie to Coordinate a Workflow
  • Using Sqoop to Export Data
  • Design and implement an automated Big Data processing solution
  • Integrate Windows Azure HDInsight with Self-Service BI Solutions