Analytics for All: Beginners to Experts


  • Why Analytics and What you will learn
  • How to go about learning
  • Fast Track Guide
  • A peek into the future

The analytics learning kit

  • One Stop for all study material
  • SAS Installation Guide (University Edition)
  • R-Installation Guide

Simple speak: What is analytics?

  • What is analytics?
  • Patterns around us
  • How it works
  • Applications in the industry

MS Excel: Offload your work

  • Why you need to know Excel
  • What you will Learn
  • Get to know Excel in 20 minutes
  • Are you ready to offload your work?

Data Cleaning

  • Why you need to know about Data cleaning
  • How you can clean Data
  • Customize a List – NEW VIDEO
  • Format numbers
  • Coloring cells the smarter way
  • Going beyond a simple Paste
  • Going beyond a simple Find
  • Text to Columns – An easy but important concept – See why!
  • How well have you understood Data Cleaning

Organizing data in Excel

  • Organizing data in excel
  • How to organize data in Excel
  • Using Shortcuts
  • Is your data readable?
  • Deciding what others enter
  • Creating totals per segment
  • Consolidating Tables
  • How well have you understood Organizing Data

Using Excel as a decision tool

  • Using Excel as a decision tool
  • Goal Seek – NEW VIDEO
  • SOLVER: Let Excel make a smarter choice for you
  • Data Table: Decision Table
  • What If Analysis: Let Excel create a decision table for you

Writing smart Functions in Excel

  • Writing smart functions in Excel
  • How Functions can help
  • Learn tricks to self explore Excel Functions
  • What a function needs to deliver the required output
  • Difference B/W Summary and a Self Learning Template
  • Convert a Count summary to a template
  • How to choose what to Count
  • Using Text Functions for Data Cleaning

Segmenting Data in Excel

  • Segmenting data in Excel preview
  • How to segment your Data
  • Dividing data into meaningful segments
  • Dividing data using multiple conditions

Why create reports the tedious way

  • Why create reports the tedious way?
  • How Pivots make data meaningful
  • Introduction to Pivots
  • Creating reports without getting into technicalties
  • Slicing reports with Pivots
  • Working with dates in Pivots

Showcasing your data with Excel

  • Excel dashboards: Preview for the section Showcasing your data with Excel
  • Using Dashboards to make data look good
  • How to create a Dashboard
  • Different ways to present Data
  • Creating a Dashboard Template
  • Making Templates smarter
  • Converting Templates to a Dashboard by Adding controls
  • Dashboard on multiple source of Data

Advanced Excel (VBA & MACROS) – The A, B, Cs

  • Introduction to VBA Programming
  • OOPS
  • Hierarchy as a vocabulary of the language
  • Communication among objects
  • Examples to justify the communication techniques
  • Introducing Intangible Hierarchy
  • Sentence creation : Connections in Excel
  • Rules of writing sentences in VBA

Learn more with hands-on : Introducing the platform to write and automate

  • Introducing the platform : VBA window

Small exercises to connect our learning so far

  • Applying Functions in VBA
  • Applying properties in VBA
  • Applying methods in VBA
  • Various ways of executing a Macro

Implementation on a case study

  • Explaining case study for hands on learning
  • Understanding the IF statements
  • Converting constants to variables