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Learn two leading industry tools QTP and Selenium which are very much in demand in Testing job market.You will apply on real projects and learn how to use these tools to automate manual test cases. Enjoy learning coding skills in vb script and Java and learn how to develop advance solutions using frameworks.


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Selenium Training Course

Basic Java

  • Installing Java JDK, Eclipse editor and let them work
  • Manipulating Eclipse for Java
  • Java structure and syntax
  • variables : int, double, char, String, Array, List, Boolean
  • Operators: =, +, /, %, <,>,<=,>=,++,--,==
  • Conditions : IF … Else and Switch … Case
  • Loops and controls: For loop, While loop, Do loop
  • Methods in Java: returning and void methods
  • Access modifiers: public, protected default, private, static, final

Advanced Java

  • Structure of Object Oriented Programming in Java
    • Defining a Class and creating Object of it
    • Constructors
    • Interface
    • Abstract class
    • Overriding and Overloading
    • Polymorphism in Java
    • Inheritance: extends and implements
  • Java File Input/Output stream for reading from and writing to a file
  • Using Apache POI to read and write from excel file
  • Java JDBC for connecting to databases and data manipulation
  • Java Socket programming for network operation

Selenium: Introduction and IDE

  • Selenium Introduction
  • Web Application
  • Installation of Selenium IDE
  • First Test case with Selenium IDE
  • Options of Selenium IDE
  • Add / Edit Commands
  • Check the Title of Gmail Page
  • Difference b/w verify and Assert commands
  • Write steps to automate test Google login with Selenium IDE
  • How to use Firebug to find locator
  • Test login functionality of Flight Reservation Web App and verify login
  • Search and Book Flight With various checkpoints
  • Store and Echo Command
  • Assert attribute of Webelement with assertAttribute command
  • Create and Delete Cookie with Selenium Commands
  • Create and verify Cookie with Selenium IDE Commands
  • Handling Multiple Window in Test Case
  • Questions related to Selenium IDE

Session 4

  • Brief Introduction of Selenium Webdriver APIs..
  • Setup Java, Eclipse
  • Basics of Java Programming
  • Create Project and Write a Java program and execute in Eclipse
  • Web Application
  • Operators and Control Statements in Java

Selenium WebDriver

  • Downloading Selenium WebDriver and let it work by configuring with Eclipse and Java
  • Running your first selenium test
  • Selenium WebDriver Commands
    • Opening a URL using WebDriver
    • Managing a browser
    • Finding the title of webpage
    • Navigating forward, backward and refreshing pages
    • Finding elements by ID, Name, tagName, link text, Xpath, ….
    • Text reading from and writing to an element
    • Clicking on an element
    • Reading attributes values and css values( like color, font size) of an element
    • Managing alerts, frames and other windows
  • Selenium Assertion
  • Working with multi browser
  • Working with listbox
  • Working with Calendar table
  • Working with file uploading and downloading
  • Action controlling like write click, mouseover, etc
  • Event listener and triggers

Selenium Grid

  • Server and Client setup for distributed testing
  • Selenium Grid command to start selenium as a server and client


  • Writing test case in Junit
  • Junit Annotations
  • Junit Assertions
  • Junit Parameterization
  • Junit Test Suite to run multiple test cases together
  • Junit Test Runner to run multiple test cases together

TestNG (Testing Next Generation)

  • TestNG test cases
  • TestNG annotations, grouping, dependencies and prioritization
  • TestNG parameterization and data provider
  • TestNG data driven testing using parameterization and data from excel file
  • TestNG Reporter for high level reporting
  • TestNG XML file for test suite management
  • TestNG multi browser testing
  • TestNG multi threading
  • TestNG reporting

Test Framework Approaches

  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Page Object Modeling Frameworks
  • Page Factory
  • Hybrid Framework


  • How to install maven in Eclipse
  • Maven directory structure for development, testing and Target files
  • Maven Clean, Build and Site Life cycles and their phases
  • Maven POI.xml for configuration and management
  • Maven Dependency management
  • Maven Local, Central and Remote repositories
  • Maven Deployment


  • Test Driven Development(TDD)
  • Behavioural Driven Development (BDD)
  • Cucumber Installation and configuration with Eclipse
  • Cucumber configuration with Maven
  • Cucumber Features file to write test cases
  • Cucumber Scenario: Given …. When ….. And…. Then… keywords
  • Cucumber generating step definisthin skeleton from features file
  • Cucumber Features file to write selenium test cases using the feature skeleton
  • Junit test runner to control features and step definition to run in one
  • @CucumerOptoins with Junit @runwith annotations to configure and control all test cases
  • Data driven testing in cucumber
    • With parameterization
    • With Example keywords
    • With Data table
    • With Mapping Objects


  • ANT
  • Installation of ANT
  • Data types(set of services)
  • How to write build.xml


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